Current GorillaTrades Portfolio as of (6/24/16)

The GorillaTrades portfolio finished weaker on Friday, along with the broader market. Although, in comparison with the broader market, the GorillaTrades portfolio held its ground very impressively. Of the GorillaPicks that fell, most lost 3%-4% or less, and only two lost more than 7.4%. And while there was one casualty during Friday's session, the fact that where was only one GorillaPick that stopped out should speak volumes to the quality of the current GorillaPicks in the portfolio. On the other hand, STORE Capital Corp. (STOR) led the portfolio gaining nearly 3%; easily achieving a new all-time high in the process! Thus, 30 of the 44 confirmed GorillaPicks in the GorillaTrades portfolio continue to hold unrealized gains, including 15 with double-digit gains! And this number is undoubtedly deceiving because a majority of the GorillaPicks that are lower are down by just 3%-4% or less. Seven different GorillaPicks hold 20%-28% unrealized gains, while TAL Education Group (XRS) leads the portfolio with a 48% gain! In addition, 27 of the GorillaPicks have achieved their first target!


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