Current GorillaTrades Portfolio as of (11/24/15)

Even though the overall market was weaker throughout the day, the GorillaTrades portfolio finished slightly stronger today. Of the GorillaPicks that fell, most lost just a fraction of 1%, and only one (Southwest Airlines- LUV, which lost 2.6%) lost more than 1.5%. On the other hand, Tyson Foods (TSN) continued to charge upward, gaining another 2% after exploding more than 10% yesterday on heavy volume. Additionally, TAL Educational Group (XRS) achieved its first target today, for an 8.5% profit. Thus, 26 of the 28 confirmed GorillaPicks in the GorillaTrades portfolio continue to hold unrealized gains, including 15 with double- or triple-digit gains. IMAX (IMAX) is the only GorillaPick that is down by more than 1.8%. Hawaiian Holdings (HA) holds a 40% unrealized gain. O'Reilly Automotive (ORLY) holds a 76% gain. Arch Capital Group (ACGL) holds a 94% gain, while Global Payments (GPN) leads the portfolio with a whopping 198% gain! In addition, after TAL Educational Group (XRS) achieved its first target for an 8.5% gain, 20 of the GorillaPicks have now achieved their first target!


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